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Our consulting services are structured to give our clients a deep understanding of their customers in order to help them reach those customers more efficiently. By combining technology and services in innovative ways, Altitude offers unmatched expertise in a variety of areas including analytics, optimization, paid media, and SEO.

Analytics & Optimization

Our core focus when it comes to our analytics and optimization consulting is to help you better understand your customers and to influence them to take the actions you want them to take. Our consultants will work hand-in-hand with your teams to develop tailored customer-centric data and personalization strategies that will help you uncover new actionable insights and drive real results.

Omnichannel Analytics

Our team has decades of advanced consulting experience in Adobe, Google, Webtrends, and other major analytics platforms. When we say omnichannel, we mean it. Our focus is on helping you collect and connect data from across all of your channels (web, mobile, social, IoT, etc.).

Tag Management

Without the right data to drive insights and personalization, your efforts can dramatically suffer. Tag management can help you make sure that you are collecting the right data while also reducing data collection issues. Regardless of whether you are using Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten, Adobe, or another tool, we’ll help you make sure it is being used in the best possible way.


A/B/n & multivariate testing are key pieces of the toolbox that enable you to take action on results with confidence. Our team is well versed in basic and advanced experimentation and can help you learn from the actions of your customers as opposed to relying on gut instinct.

Targeting & Personalization

Successful testing programs lead directly into the use of targeting and personalization to drive real results. Our team can help you utilize your analytics and testing data to build out targeted campaigns, allowing you to increase engagement and conversions across all of your properties.

SEO, Paid Media, & Content Marketing

Driving the right traffic to your properties with the right amount of investment is an art and a science. Our experienced paid media and SEO specialists will work with you to figure out how to best split your media spend across various channels and how to attain a competitive organic search presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Lay the organic search foundation you need to get found with our foundational SEO audit services and utilize our ongoing advanced services to continue to increase site authority, elevate rankings, and drive the customers that you want to your properties.

Paid Search

Our PPC specialists are industry leaders in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other PPC tools. We’ll provide PPC campaign management and custom PPC reporting to drive high-performance campaigns that will help make your paid search efforts a success.

Social Advertising

Connect with and grow your customer base by advertising via your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). Our media specialists will help you develop specific strategies for each channel that you use to ensure the best results.

Display Remarketing

Capture your customers’ attention across a variety of networks. We’ll give you insights into your customers that will help you allocate your media spend effectively and develop actionable strategies to reach them with the right message.

Content Marketing

The creation of appealing content is a requirement when it comes to both bringing new visitors to your properties and keeping your desired audiences engaged. Our team will help assess your current content marketing program or build a new one with you.

Our Process

At Altitude, we believe in a true Agile approach to all areas of the business. We use a modified version of the Lean Startup methodology to reflect that.













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